introducing something nice night market!

A blue image of three nude nymph statues featuring the words support local and build community: something nice night market

Back in 2019, I hosted a Lowborn Goods open house in my actual home. All day long, people stopped by to chat, smell candles, sip mimosas, sample fragrances, and buy something nice for themselves and for the people they love. The pandemic hit immediately after and it never happened again. Things will never be as they were before, but that gives us even more reason to build something new and seek out community and connection. I reached out to the incredible creative community I know to try and recreate the magic of that first open house and expand upon it.

We want to cultivate beauty, celebrate creativity, and have a nice little time despite the ongoing horrors we see in our lives and on our phone screens daily. Come out to Lil Danny Speedo’s Go Fly a Kite Lounge on Saturday, February 24, 2024, for the first Something Nice Night Market, featuring local art, home goods, candles, incense, apparel, handmade ceramics, native plants, tarot readings, and more!

A Texas-shaped pin that says I'm Texas Forever Like Bun B, a pin that says Houston, a Marvin Zindler pin, a sticker that says Living My Okayest Life, a hat that says Low Energy, a painting featuring Houston's legendary DJ Screw, and a painting of Roy Hofheinz by Houston artist Josh Ryan of I Make Thangs

Art, pins, apparel, books, and stickers by Josh Ryan

blue and white handmade ceramic bowls and vases by Houston ceramicist Ryah Barazi

Handmade ceramics by Ryah Barazi

Various collages featuring women, cutout shapes of landscapes, and text from books by Houston artist Autumn McIlraith

Art by Autumn McIlraith

Several paintings of the female form by Houston artist Kylie Sylvie

Art by Kylie Sylvie

Candles, incense, and blue and white concrete goods that look like blue skies with fluffy clouds by Houston based Lowborn Goods

Candles, incense, and concrete home goods by Lowborn Goods. I’ll be debuting our new pigmented concrete collection along with our new handmade incense! We have ashtrays, coasters, incense burners, and a rolling tray/vanity tray.

If you’re interested in becoming a vendor at future markets, send us an email!


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