Soy wax candles

$25 | 9 0z.


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tobacco + oak + toasted vanilla

$20-$40 | 14 0z.

keep fucking going

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bergamot + lily + tonka bean

$25 | 9 0z.

golden hour

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amber + sea salt + grapefruit peel

$25 | 9 0z.


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heirloom tomato + baby bibb lettuce

$20-$40 | 14 0z.

chasing waterfalls 

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oak moss + tonka bean + apricot

$25 | 9 0z.

moon butter

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shea butter + almond milk + sandalwood

A Personal Sanctuary


No Boring scents

We design our candles to be an aesthetic choice for your home as well as a sensory one. Create a little haven with your favorite scents in bespoke smokey glass vessels.

Soy wax melts at a lower temperature than artificial wax, making it safe to touch and moisturizing to skin. All of our products are body-safe and phthalate-free.

You won’t find strawberry-cheesecake-sugar-cookie scents in our products. We draw our inspiration from the natural world, bringing a unique yet nostalgic vibe to any space.

it's like, literally scientific.

Our olfactory nerves feed information to our cortexes that arouses emotion without us even realizing it. When we do realize it, though — we sure as hell don’t forget it. All of my fragrances are based on my own memories and everything I sell started as something I made for myself first. If I like it good enough, I get the honor of sharing it with others. Make new memories on your own terms by bringing home a little helping of mine.

scent is the strongest of all human senses.

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